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About me

I work in all genres without exception. Photograph portraits, landscapes, still lifes, weddings, architecture, interiors, nude. I think, there is no field of the photographing in which I don’t know how to make good works. I work in studio, outside at customers’, out of town. I make ordered photos, sell and rent every works from my own bank of photos.

I also work with magazines: Photoshop, Digital Photo Camera, Moscow trip, Foma; internet projects: Paul Sanaevs’ project “Ruskino”. Some of the last big projects were my work on making an album of the frescoes of the St. Nicolas church and on orders of the administration of Verey city.


I use all photo technic spectrum both digital and film. Digital camera do undoubtedly for genre photos, for reporting. For other subjects I prefer to use classical film photo. There are in my arsenal Nikon D100, Nikon F100 with lens set AF-S Nikkor 28-70mm 1:2.8 D, AF Micro Nikkor 60mm 1:2.8 D, AF VR-Nikkor 80-400mm 1:4.5-5.6 D, AF Nikkor 18-35mm 1:3.5-4.5 D, Hasselblad 503CW wjth lenses Planar 2.8/80 and Distagon 4/40, flap camera Shen Hao 4x5" wjth lenses Schneider APO-Symmar 5.6/180 L, Super-Angulon 5.6/90 XL.

About site

My site can turn up too difficult for you, but it’s not so. If you are here for the first time, begin your way from [Portfolio]. In [Projects] there are works on individual themes. About structure of the site you can learn [here>>>].


  - Photo concerto for… A3 Gallery, Moscow, 3, August 2004
  - World through the prism…, Dzerjinsky, September-October, 2004 []
  - A report without borders. Autumn Petersburg photo opening day. Central exhibition hall “Manez”, St.-Petersburg, October 2004 []

Personal exhibitions:
  - Parallel looks – 1, exhibition hall of the library on Krestovsky island, St.-Petersburg, October-December 2004 []
  - Parallel looks – 2, exhibition hall of the House of Journalists, St.-Petersburg, October-December 2004 []
  - Life Philosophy: photographer notes, Moscow, January-March 2005 []
  - Belief. Vereya. January-April 2005

Internet exhibitions:
  - Autumn renaissance []
  - Spring awakening []

Some of my works are in private collection

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